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Grade 7 chess stars shine in Linköping: IES winners will go to state tournament in May

Grade 7 chess stars shine in Linköping: IES winners will go to state tournament in May

It’s interesting that in all the classical stories of chess’s origins the game is consistently said to come from somewhere else. Chess has a number of known ancestors but its ultimate place and date of birth are still a mystery. India, China, Persia, Greece? Nobody knows.

What isn’t a mystery is a recent historical moment that was created here, in Liköping.  On March 3, 2018 at Bläsradsskolan, Olle Staaf 7D, Anton Berglund 7D, Karl Johansen 7B and Caspian Mörling 7B won the Chess Championships of Östergötland for yr 7-9.  What is so historic about this? The four students won ALL 28 games that they played and now are will play in the Swedish Championships May 5-6th.  The championships will be held in LInköpong. Staff, Berglund, Johansen and Mörling are not only representing Linköping in the tournament, but they are also representing the International English School (IES).

Good Luck to these dedicated representatives of IES and Linköping.  We are all proud of how far you have come.

From the Principal

Spring is in the air.

Dear Parents and Students,

Spring is now with us and we are so fortunate to have a schoolyard full of trees and bushes where we can see the seasons change. Those arriving early can even glimpse a hare or red squirrel.

We have busy weeks ahead filled with academic events and our annual school activities.

Please make sure you have the date for the Annual Spring Fair in your diaries. This year it is on Saturday 19 May.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Dahlin

Student Work

Harry Potter Week 2018

Harry Potter Week 2018

Harry Potter Week was a week where libraries around the world celebrate JK Rowling and her book series. This year the theme was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We had a quiz and a colouring competition in the library for students to enter and win cinema tickets.

We held a movie night in the Aula on 1 February, where we showed the film of 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'. The students loved it. They were allowed to bring in snacks and spend an afternoon in Rowling's exciting world of wizards and magic.

We were inspired by Bloomsbury Publishers, who promote Harry Potter Week once a year. Since the books are so popular, we decided to let our students enjoy immersing themselves in her books.

It was a very successful week. We had many entries for the competitions, especially the younger years who were very excited to colour and get creative for the competition.

Student Choice 2017

Student Choice 2017

The third installment of student choice week took place at the end of the first term this December.  It was a real treat to see the students shine through their choices and interests. From art to sports, the students enjoyed their last week of the term.  

Featured this time are the photographs that students took around the city.  There has been an increased interest amongst the students to express themselves through photography.  A few teacher have photography as a personal hobby and helped the students to understand perspective, lighting and composition.  

Below are pictures from students in Year 9.

From the Principal

End of Term 2017

Dear Parents and Students,

The Autumn Term 2017 finished on a high note. This year we had a week of student choice activities which was a perfect end to the term. Our staff worked hard to prepare a wide range of activities for our students to choose from and the school was a hive of activity both inside and out. The week culminated in our annual sports day for Years 6-9 at the sports centre adjacent to Linköping's University.  Once again we were able to make the most of the excellent facilities which they offer. While Years 6-9 were out of school on the last day Years 4 and 5 had the entire school building to themselves and could enjoy the final day of term including a special performance in the Aula.

This is an example of what IES does best, we plan and make good use of the time available to us making sure that our students are busy learning right up to the last minute. 

Seasons Greetings from IES Linköping!

Mary Dahlin, Principal