July 2018 Renovation at IES Linköping


Although it is the summer holiday the school is not closed and it is a productive place as we prepare for the 2018/2019 School Year. There is work being done to improve and freshen-up our building.

**We now have NEW, sparkling, white-tiled toilets throughout the school.  This particular update and renovation to the school is incredibly dramatic.  The school is already feeling like a brand new place. It is exciting to think of what the students' response will be to see such sparkling toilets.

*There are new benches outside for all of us to enjoy and the old benches have been repainted and cleaned up. 

*We now have fresh paint throughout the school.

There are a few other projects still going on, so please stay tunned for more picutres as we update and renovate IES Linköping for the 2018/2019 School Year. 

Enjoy the pictures!

Above: Toilet repairs throughout the school

Above: Finished toilet renovation on the 4th floor

Above: Finished toilet renovation on the 3rd floor in the Common Room

Above: New benches outside of IES Linköping

Above: More of the new benches

Above: Refreshed old benches

Above: Fresh paint in the locker rooms