Letter from the Principal VT2020

From the Principal
 Letter from the Principal VT2020

Greetings Students, Parent and Guardians

Here’s to a happy, healthy and successful 2021! We trust that the holiday break was a good one for you all.

This is an important final term for our students and we have already seen much progress during the Autumn term. All of our students have the opportunity to maximise each day at school during Spring to continue to work hard and enjoy their school community. Our teachers commit to our students each day and there is a shared responsibility to contribute positively to their classroom environment.

The collaborative partnership between school and parents/guardians contributes to your child’s success at school. Please continue to be supportive by staying informed of your child’s responsibilities at school by logging onto Schoolsoft regularly. Each week assignments are posted. Please keep your child’s mentor informed if you have a query, a concern or when you would like to share a positive message too. Thank you.

Let’s have the best Spring term together!

Mr Mark McCarthy