Moving towards the end-of-term

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From the Principal

Dear Parents and Students,

Our thanks go to everyone who helped to make our annual Spring Fair a big success. It's always fun to see our students in different situations and it's clear that there are a number of budding entrepreneurs in our midst.

We are making improvements to our building during the summer and expect work to start a little in advance of the end of term. Any temporary inconvenience will be worth it since our students can look forward to newly-renovated toilets when they start the term in August. During the coming weeks we will continue to work hard until the final day of term and our staff have planned a wide range of cross-curricular activities.

We are are fortunate to have such wonderful school grounds where Years 4 and 5 will celebrate the last day of term and Years 6-9 will follow our long-standing tradition of ending the school year in Konsert och Kongress, the city concert hall, in Linköping.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Dahlin