Singapore: Leaders in Education Visit IES Linköping


Three weeks ago, on a hot summer day, IES Linköping had the pleasure of hosting and speaking with eight educators from Singapore in cooperation with Linköping University. Our guests were visiting Sweden for two weeks because they are apart of the Leaders in Education Program (LEP).  It is a 6-month full-time program, which aims to prepare qualified vice principals and ministry officers in Singapore for principal-ship.

While they visited our school and spoke with our Principal, Ms. Dahlin, they had many questions.  They asked questions ranging from IES history and standards to Swedish laws to Swedish cultural questions and how IES faces different challenges.  The guests had a delicious fika and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

After several hours they returned to the university and prepared to depart back to Singapore the following day.  We were pleased to take part in such a program and look forward to participating in it again.