Students Jog for Charity


Our students rallied together on a cold October morning to take part in the national Skoljog event.  Excitement and enthusiasm was high as all classes from all year groups took their turn to run, jog or walk the course.  It was an excellent effort from everybody involved and the school were able to give a large donation to Barncancerfonden.  Medals were awarded for our fastest finishers:

Year 4 - 6

1. Olle 6d
2. Olle 6b
3. Filip 6a

1. Klara 6d
2. Tuva 5b
3. Amanda 5b

Year 7 - 9

1. Alexander 9b
2. Gustav 8c
3. Axel 8a

1. Felicia 7a
2. Dasher 7c
3. Izabelle 7b