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From the Principal

Here comes Halloween!

We  are now almost at the half-way point for this term, the Autumn break, and preparations are in full swing for our two Hallowe´en parties both of which are organised by the PTA. The party for Junior School comes first on Thursday and Senior School's after the break. 

We are always amazed by the work and creativity of our parents in providing a wide variety of actvities for these events.

The spooky corridor at Junior School's party is preparation for the spookiest of spooky corridors, a thing of legend, at Senior School's party.

We can't wait!

From the Principal

10 years later

On Friday 30 August we celebrated 10 fantastic years of education in Linköping.

The occasion was marked by a whole-school assembly attended by Mrs. Bergström, the  founder of IES, and Mr. Riber our CEO.

Mrs. Bergström was presented with a beautiful representation of our company logo, crafted in wood by Håkan Jansson of Kanevad's.

The students eagerly accepted their celebratory treat and a commerative keyring.

Later in the afternoon we made a pleasant reaquaintance with former members of staff and students at afternoon tea in the school grounds.

It makes us proud to see just what these young people have achieved and our intention is that they revisit us and inspire our current students.

We look forward with renewed energy to the coming 10 years.


Mary Dahlin, Principal

Spring Fair and Open Day on Saturday 25 May 2013

Spring Fair is this Saturday!

In addition to the variety of activities available outdoors, including pony-riding, grilled sausages, sumo wrestling, second-hand market and much more,

you can watch lessons in our Junior School, visit our wonderful library, and wander through classrooms indoors.

After this you will be able to end your day watching a fantastic American Football match.

Well done "Fair Play Trophy" participants!

Well done to the football players who came second in Östergötland's Fair Play trophy.

Internationella Engelska Skolan's  players did their best on the field, not only with great football skills but by showing generosity of spirit and encouragement to other teams when they did well.

This is what we expect of our students, good gamesmanship, and they always rise to the occasion.



From the Principal

IES Linköping is getting ready.....

The school is gearing up for our annual Spirit Weeks and as you walk around you will see posters with the programme of activities. There is something for everyone and you can particiapte or have fun watching.

Keep your eyes peeled for additions or changes to the range of events beng offered!

Start counting down....