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It’s time to apply for Year 7/ Dags att söka till år 7 (högstadiet)

It’s time to apply for Year 7/ Dags att söka till år 7 (högstadiet)

It’s time to apply for Year 7

9 January:  Information will be sent home from Linköpings kommun

14 January:  Application period opens

25 January:  Final application day

6 March:  Results of the application and placement assignments

Dags att söka till år 7 (högstadiet)

9 januari:  Information skickas hem från Linköpings kommun

14 januari:  Ansökan öppnar

25 januari:  Sista ansökningsdagen

6 mars:   Antagningen är klar

For more information: 

Above: Internationella Engelska Skolan

Open House for IESL

IESL held an Open House for future students born after 2009.  It was a great opportunity to tour the school, discover what subjects are available and learn about the Internationella Engelska Skolan ethos. Many parents and future students also had the chance to meet with members of staff and listen to a talk by the Principal, Mark McCarthy. 

Below are a few pictures from our two night event.  To see more pictures of  please visit the gallery through our website.  

Above: Mr. Grahm teaches a student how to make a mobile phone holder. 

Above: Wood work done by current IESL students. 

Above: How to Knit.  One of many skills learnt in a textiles class at IESL.

Above: Block printing from the Art Department. 

Above: Technology is a growing class at IESL.

Above: Science Teacher Mr. Lees explains the magnetic possibilities.

Above: PE Teacher Ms. Khan plays a fun game of table tennis with a parent.

Above: Mr. Ericsson makes math fun with great games. 

Above: Ms. Kroonder a SO teacher, is excited about history and the timeline a student completed. 

Above: Hem och konsumentkunskap teachers help students decorate cupcakes. 

Student Work

Taco Night: A Wonderful Year 4 Event

Taco Night: A Wonderful Year 4 Event

Teaching does not need to be limited to textbooks and whiteboards. With our fun school activities for kids, learning in school becomes more interesting and enjoyable.

On Thursday October 11th, IESL invited all year 4 students and their guardians to a nice evening to say thank you to the students and the guardians for the good start  to the school year. This evening was designed to start a community with the newest students that are now apart of our school.

It was also an evening to engage the students in something new and to get everyone involved with school life. The year 4 students voted to have a Taco Night and invite their families to join them and the evening was fantastic.  We had tacos, we had a PTA lead competition, we had ice cream, we had a fun quiz with prizes and everyone there had a chance to meet the staff of IESL.

We are looking forward to having more special nights at IESL.  Keep your eyes open for the next event or meeting.

Above: The wonderfully tasty food prepared by the IESL Kitchen Team.

Above: Getting all the fixings for the tacos.

Above: Year 4 Students shows us all how to eat a taco.  Well done!

Above: Gourmet serving of a taco plate. 

Above: IESL Staff intoducing themselves and the food. 

Above: The PTA is always showing support.  Here is game the students got to play.