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The Big Challenge

The Big Challenge

IES Linköping has once again participated in The Big Challenge - a competition organized in Europe for students who do not have English as their native language.  This year our students in grades 5-9 had outstanding results.

Students participating in The Big Challenge studied grammar, understanding, geography, history and social science.  The students acquired knowledge of all the English-speaking countries.

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants!

IES Linköping Results:

Martina Karlsson 9B - 1st Nationally

Raya Al-Sammarraie 9B - 2nd Nationally

Saga Soomro 8B - 2nd Nationally, 1st Regionally (not picutred) 

Noel Johansson 7C - 1st Regionally, 4th Nationally

Elsa Ekbäck 6A - 1st Regionally, 5th Nationally

Esther Kurhengamuzimu 5A - 1st Regionally, 6th Nationally 

Martina Karlsson 

Raya Al-Sammarraie

Noel Johansson

Elsa Ekbäck 

Esther Kurhengamuzimu

Elsa Ekbäck, Raya Al-Sammarraie, Martina Karlsson, Noel Johansson

Winners from grade 6

Singapore: Leaders in Education Visit IES Linköping

Three weeks ago, on a hot summer day, IES Linköping had the pleasure of hosting and speaking with eight educators from Singapore in cooperation with Linköping University. Our guests were visiting Sweden for two weeks because they are apart of the Leaders in Education Program (LEP).  It is a 6-month full-time program, which aims to prepare qualified vice principals and ministry officers in Singapore for principal-ship.

While they visited our school and spoke with our Principal, Ms. Dahlin, they had many questions.  They asked questions ranging from IES history and standards to Swedish laws to Swedish cultural questions and how IES faces different challenges.  The guests had a delicious fika and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

After several hours they returned to the university and prepared to depart back to Singapore the following day.  We were pleased to take part in such a program and look forward to participating in it again.



From the Principal

Moving towards the end-of-term

Dear Parents and Students,

Our thanks go to everyone who helped to make our annual Spring Fair a big success. It's always fun to see our students in different situations and it's clear that there are a number of budding entrepreneurs in our midst.

We are making improvements to our building during the summer and expect work to start a little in advance of the end of term. Any temporary inconvenience will be worth it since our students can look forward to newly-renovated toilets when they start the term in August. During the coming weeks we will continue to work hard until the final day of term and our staff have planned a wide range of cross-curricular activities.

We are are fortunate to have such wonderful school grounds where Years 4 and 5 will celebrate the last day of term and Years 6-9 will follow our long-standing tradition of ending the school year in Konsert och Kongress, the city concert hall, in Linköping.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Dahlin


Grade 7 chess stars shine in Linköping: IES winners will go to state tournament in May

Grade 7 chess stars shine in Linköping: IES winners will go to state tournament in May

It’s interesting that in all the classical stories of chess’s origins the game is consistently said to come from somewhere else. Chess has a number of known ancestors but its ultimate place and date of birth are still a mystery. India, China, Persia, Greece? Nobody knows.

What isn’t a mystery is a recent historical moment that was created here, in Liköping.  On March 3, 2018 at Bläsradsskolan, Olle Staaf 7D, Anton Berglund 7D, Karl Johansen 7B and Caspian Mörling 7B won the Chess Championships of Östergötland for yr 7-9.  What is so historic about this? The four students won ALL 28 games that they played and now are will play in the Swedish Championships May 5-6th.  The championships will be held in LInköpong. Staff, Berglund, Johansen and Mörling are not only representing Linköping in the tournament, but they are also representing the International English School (IES).

Good Luck to these dedicated representatives of IES and Linköping.  We are all proud of how far you have come.