Studie och Yrkesvägledning (SYV)

At IES Linköping, we are committed in preparing students for further education and the working world. Making future plans can be a very difficult decision, therefore, we provide multiple opportunities for guidance and support, to help students decide their next steps.

In preparation for gymnasiet, each year 9 student has an individual meeting with our careers adviser. Students can discuss potential programmes and are given personalised instruction for their application process. Prior to this, students have two weeks of PRAO (Praktisk Arbetslivsorientering) during year 8 and 9. Students organise their own PRAO, for which there are many opportunities in the surrounding area; Linköping's hospital, schools and kindergartens, local businesses and many of the city's retail outlets.


Careers guidance and support is also incorporated into the curriculum at IESL, from year 4 to year 9. Departments plan schemes of work that combine their subject area with careers and citizenship topics. SO lessons explore social and economical structures through a family budget project. In English, Swedish and German students learn how to write CVs, personal statements and application letters. Through PE, students plan and carry out a student-led lesson, developing presentation and leadership skills. All of these are important attributes needed for future employment.

For students thinking about their next steps, here are some useful resources to help you get started.