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From the Principal

Spring Term

Spring is in the air and we are most fortunate to be able to witness this first hand in our lovely park. It is good to be able to take a minute to stand still and enjoy the surroundings.

We are now in the process of registering students for the coming year and look forward to meeting the students in person when they visit us at the beginning of April. If you are interested in a place for next year in Years 6-9 then please get in touch.

The rest of the term is filled with National Tests, parents meetings, and lots of activities for students both inside and outside of school. Towards the end of the school year we will be holding our Annual Spring Fair on Saturday 20 May. You are most welcome to join us.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Dahlin

From the Principal

Lots to do and so little time left.

Dear Parents,

The term is passing so very quickly and we have lots of activities planned in the coming weeks. In addition, school teams have been participating in chess, swimming, mathematics and volleyball competitions at district, regional and national level. Some have won medals  and others have done us proud by representing the school in the best way possible with good behaviour and a positive attitude.

The two main events this term are Spring Fair on 21 May and Graduation on 9 June.We will shortly be posting information about the last day of term and the Graduation Ceremony on Schoolsoft. 

We are also well on our way to completing arrangements for the coming school year and this information will be available to you before the end of term.


Mary Dahlin, Principal

From the Principal

Afternoon Tea in Linköping

What a wonderful time we had on 26 November when parents and students who are in our queue visited the  school.

We offered our visitors the opportunity to meet our students and teachers during a guided tour.  

This was followed by a presentation in our Aula and Afternoon tea was served in our restaurant so that parents, students and staff could meet and chat.

We are looking forward to seeing many of our visitors again during the Spring Term as we prepare to welcome new students for the school year 2016/2017.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Dahlin, Principal

From the Principal

Another successful Halloween Party

Dear Students, Parents and Staff.

The PTA have recently hosted two Halloween parties and more than 500 of our students attended.

We are really grateful to everyone who helped at these parties. The PTA have built up the reputation of holding a very, scary party and expectations ran high.The students were not disappointed and really enjoyed themselves. It is a pleasure to be able to hold events of this size and our students are really terrific in their behaviour and genuine enjoyment during these evenings.

We are now looking forward to the next event which is "Afternoon tea" on 26 November for those who are in our queue. This is an opportunity to meet our staff and student ambassadors as we open our doors to parents and children who wish to enrol in our school.

A warm welcome to our future students.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Dahlin, Principal IES Linköping

From the Principal

A wonderful start to the school year.

Dear Parents and Students,

We have had a wonderful start to the new term. The students have been getting involved with their new classes, getting to know their teachers and finding their way with their schedules. It has been a delight to hear them laughing and playing in the summer sun during breaks.

Our magnificent building has had some work done to the facade during the summer and we are proud to have such an impressive building and surroundings. 

You will all have received current information about the term and days to come, if there are any questions do not hestitate to get in touch.

We have a couple of spaces left in some years so please get in touch if you are interested in starting this term.

Best wishes, 

Mary Dahlin

From the Principal

Summer Break 2015

I hope you are all enjoying a restful summer break. Please find details of the start of term on our web-page and on Schoolsoft.

We look forward to seeing you all again in August.

If you are considering joining us as a Member of Staff then please look at the current vacancies under "careers".

If you would like to register your child in our queue then please look under "applications"

Summer Greetings!

Mary Dahlin, Principal.

From the Principal

Spring is on the way, we are planning for Autumn!

Although we are  looking forward to Spring we are setting our sights on the Autumn Term. During the coming weeks we will be meeting all of the students who will be joining us in August 2015.

These Introduction Days give us an opportunity to meet our new students and, importantly, they spend time with each other.

There will be further opportunities for them to get together when we have our Spring Fair on 23 May.

If you are interested in applying to our school please apply on this web-page and come along and visit us on 23 May.

From the Principal

A great start to the school year.

Dear Students and Parents,

After months of waiting we are finally there, the new restaurant has opened!

We would like to thank our landlords, Botrygg, and our new food provider for their marvellous efforts in making sure we could eat in the new restaurant from the first day of term.

The restaurant staff are now learning that our students have very healthy appetites and eat lots of food. This helps the students to concentrate on the task in hand during their lessons.

We are also pleased that the new gym is in operation and the final touches are under way.

A warm welcome to all new students and staff, we are sure that this school year will provide you with new and stimulating challenges.

There are a few vacancies for students so please get in touch if you would like to join us.

Tel. 013 355682  or e-mail: info.linkoping@engelska.se

Yours sincerely,

Mary Dahlin, Principal

From the Principal

During the Summer Break

While our students and staff are enjoying a well-earned break there is still plenty of activity going on in and around the school.

The buildings which have served us well as Junior School classrooms and then school restaurant are being torn down to make way for a play area, meanwhile, the new Sports Hall and Restaurant are being fitted out so that they are ready for the start of school.

Also of interest are the advertisments we have posted on the careers section of this web-site and, in addition, we have some places available for students in a few classes.

Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in vacancies for staff and students:

tel: 013 355682 or e-mail: info@linkoping.engelska.se

Have a wonderfiul summer,

Mary Dahlin, Principal.