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From the Principal

The end of the school year.

Suddenly we are there, the end of the school year.

While we reflect on the year which has gone our focus is firmly fixed on the coming school year.

In August the waiting is over and we can provide a selection of dishes for lunch, prepared on the premises in our own kitchen.

In addition our new sports hall will open offering healthy excercise, which combined with good food is a recipe for success when studying.


Warm summer wishes to students and parents alike.

We look forward to seeing you in August!



Mary Dahlin, Principal.


From the Principal

Hopes of Spring

Dear Parents and Students,

At this time of year we are lulled into thinking Spring is round the corner only to be met by yet another spell of chilly weather.

Inside the school building, however, we know exactly what time of year it is. Notices are going up asking for silence in the corridors while students take tests. Young children can be seen visiting us at weekends for an introduction to our school before they start in August.  There are even indications that the Great Spring Run may soon see students and teachers sprinting around the building.

There is lots going on as you can see and this is what makes our school such an interesting place to be, you never know what to expect.

Be on the look-out for information about one of the highlights of our year The  Annual Spring Fair to be held in May.


Mary Dahlin, Principal

From the Principal

Amazing results!

Congratulations to our students who took part in Högstadiets Matematiktävling on Saturday 18 January 2014 at Dandyrds Gymnasium.

We are proud to be able to say that one of our Year 9 students, Maria Kulesh, won first prize.

It is fantastic that four of our students reached this final and were well placed in the top 30. 

Those who achieved this result are: Erik Lidman, Ludvig Eriksson-Knasst and Emilia Reischel.

Well done all of you and thanks to Mr. Buzzelli who arranged your entry.

Mrs. Dahlin, Principal

From the Principal

The New Term

Welcome back to a new term!

At last winter is making an appearance and those snowy, crisp days we long for have arrived. In spite of rather dull weather in recent weeks it seems that staff and students alike have enjoyed the Christmas break and have returned to school with renewed energy.

We are looking even further ahead to August 2014 and see the building taking shape behind our school. The facilties we will use and the proportions of the Sports Hall and Dining Room are becoming clear, we hope to be able to have a look inside in the near future.

Please keep an eye out for more information on this page!


Mary Dahlin, Principal.

From the Principal

The last days of term.

Our school is fortunate to be part of Linköping Kommun's "Vinterljus" and we thought it would be a good idea if we opened up the building to the public during this period. In recent weeks we have had an open evening and an open -air Carol Concert. Our building allows us to create a very cosy, charming atmosphere with a hint of grandeur.

We are soon approaching the last days of the Autumn Term but we are not slowing down. While assessments for this term are being gathered and recorded we are also making plans for the coming term. This week ends with our annual Lucia celebration and next week we have The End-of-Term Celebration where we will also look back at the achievements of our students in a number of fields. In between we are going to spend time reflecting upon and discussing how we can maintain the high standards we expect both academically and in creating a safe and secure school.

Next year 2014 is a year of promise. Our longed for restaurant and sports hall are now clearly taking shape and we are really looking forward to having a look at the inside. 

In the meantime, it is heads down for the remaining days of term with a short pause now and again to look forward to 2014.

Mary Dahlin, Principal

From the Principal

Our best kept secret.

For months now some of us have had to work hard not to tell.

In Spring we were told that we would be part of "Vinterljus", the annual illumination of an area in Linköping. Each year different parts of the town are lit up and different themes presented.

Our building is beautiful and now from 16 November and during the coming weeks it is magnificent, a joy to behold.

Equally joyous are the faces of our students as they look in wonder at the magical transformation of their school and if they walk to the next stop on the route then, lo and behold, there is another surprise.

I am not going to say what it is quite yet.

Mary Dahlin, Principal

From the Principal

Our wonderful parents!

On Friday evening we had the second of our annual Halloween parties. This time it was for Years 6-9.

Yet again our fantastic parents planned and prepared this party with great attention to detail. This involved many hours of both meetings and e-mails and culminated in a truly spooky, Spooky Corridor plus lots of other activities and imaginative decorations, cake and snacks.

To end it all everything was cleaned, cleared and put back in place by the Cleaning Crew.

We are grateful to all the parents, students and staff involved for making this event such a success.

We really appreciate the amount of time, energy and enthusiasm involved.


From the Principal


It is not often I am lost for words but it is hard to describe the amount of effort and energy our fantastic parents put into the Junior School Halloween Party!

This is PTA sponsored event and one of highlights of the school year. 

Those parents who couldn't come...there's always next year!



From the Principal

Here comes Halloween!

We  are now almost at the half-way point for this term, the Autumn break, and preparations are in full swing for our two Hallowe´en parties both of which are organised by the PTA. The party for Junior School comes first on Thursday and Senior School's after the break. 

We are always amazed by the work and creativity of our parents in providing a wide variety of actvities for these events.

The spooky corridor at Junior School's party is preparation for the spookiest of spooky corridors, a thing of legend, at Senior School's party.

We can't wait!

From the Principal

10 years later

On Friday 30 August we celebrated 10 fantastic years of education in Linköping.

The occasion was marked by a whole-school assembly attended by Mrs. Bergström, the  founder of IES, and Mr. Riber our CEO.

Mrs. Bergström was presented with a beautiful representation of our company logo, crafted in wood by Håkan Jansson of Kanevad's.

The students eagerly accepted their celebratory treat and a commerative keyring.

Later in the afternoon we made a pleasant reaquaintance with former members of staff and students at afternoon tea in the school grounds.

It makes us proud to see just what these young people have achieved and our intention is that they revisit us and inspire our current students.

We look forward with renewed energy to the coming 10 years.


Mary Dahlin, Principal