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From the Principal


It is not often I am lost for words but it is hard to describe the amount of effort and energy our fantastic parents put into the Junior School Halloween Party!

This is PTA sponsored event and one of highlights of the school year. 

Those parents who couldn't come...there's always next year!



From the Principal

Here comes Halloween!

We  are now almost at the half-way point for this term, the Autumn break, and preparations are in full swing for our two Hallowe´en parties both of which are organised by the PTA. The party for Junior School comes first on Thursday and Senior School's after the break. 

We are always amazed by the work and creativity of our parents in providing a wide variety of actvities for these events.

The spooky corridor at Junior School's party is preparation for the spookiest of spooky corridors, a thing of legend, at Senior School's party.

We can't wait!

From the Principal

10 years later

On Friday 30 August we celebrated 10 fantastic years of education in Linköping.

The occasion was marked by a whole-school assembly attended by Mrs. Bergström, the  founder of IES, and Mr. Riber our CEO.

Mrs. Bergström was presented with a beautiful representation of our company logo, crafted in wood by Håkan Jansson of Kanevad's.

The students eagerly accepted their celebratory treat and a commerative keyring.

Later in the afternoon we made a pleasant reaquaintance with former members of staff and students at afternoon tea in the school grounds.

It makes us proud to see just what these young people have achieved and our intention is that they revisit us and inspire our current students.

We look forward with renewed energy to the coming 10 years.


Mary Dahlin, Principal

From the Principal

IES Linköping is getting ready.....

The school is gearing up for our annual Spirit Weeks and as you walk around you will see posters with the programme of activities. There is something for everyone and you can particiapte or have fun watching.

Keep your eyes peeled for additions or changes to the range of events beng offered!

Start counting down....


From the Principal

Easter is early

Dear Parents and Students,

Easter is early this year which means that we start the break on a chilly note. The positive aspect is that when we return there are still many useful weeks left before the end of term. This  gives us time to plan our Annual Spring Fair which takes place on Saturday 25 May. We have also been able to secure a playing field in order to repeat last year's successful American Football match which will be played in Linköping's very own Kungsträdgården adjacent to the main library.

Our Spring Fair will also be an Open House event for anyone considering placing their child in the queue, you will be able to do this on the day.

Please put this date in your diary and come along!

Easter greetings!

Mary Dahlin, Principal

From the Principal

Sports week already!

It is surprising how quickly the time has flown between the Christmas Break and the Sports Break next week.

The National Tests have begun but we have also managed to have some fun with our traditional Valentine's Day activities and Year 9 danced the evening away at the Valentine's Dance to live entertainment.

Our devoted Student Council worked hard to make Week 7 a week full of camaraderie and true School Spirit. 

The Junior School are also about to make their mark with two classes qualifying for the District Final of "schackfyran", the chess competition for year 4 students. Well done Year 4!

I hope everyone has an enjoyable break!

Best Wishes,

Mary Dahlin, Principal

From the Principal

IESL's mathematical wizards!

On Saturday 19 January 2013, 4 students from Internationella Engelska Skolan Linköping travelled to Stockholm to take part in Danderyd Gymnasium's Annual Mathematics Competition.

Even at that stage the students had achieved successful results since they were the second largest group of students to qualify from the same school.

The students did very well and in the finals we had two top-ten prizewinners.

Well done all of you!


From the Principal

Our New Buildings

Dear Parents and Students,

At 10.00 tomorrow the ceremony will take place marking the start of work on the new buildings which will house our restaurant and gym hall.

All the students and staff will be present as representatives of the local authorities involved, the owners of our building and Internationella Engelska Skolans Head Office take part in this ceremony.

It is great way for us to start the term and our 10-year celebrations.


Mary Dahlin, Principal.

From the Principal

A New Year and a New Term

Dear Students and Parents,

Our welcome to the Spring Term is warm, even if the weather remains chilly. We have just begun the term and are at the same time looking forward to some coming events.

This week we will be meeting the parents of those students who have been offered a place for Year 4 in August 2013. The Junior School is now well-established and the majority of our students join us in Year 4 vacancies may, however, become available throughout the year so it is well-worth enrolling via the applications page on this web-site if you would like your child to join us. If you have any questions then please e-mail or call our secretary, Monika Lundqvist e-mail: monika.lundqvist@linkoping.engelska.se tel: 013 355682

During the next few weeks we will be able to witness the start of the building work for our new gymhall and restaurant which will be ready during the school year 2013/2014. In addition we will be looking out for the start of preparations for the planned play-area at the front of the school. Things always take a little longer than expected but we are now making headway.

Internationella Engelska Skolan is celebrating its' 10-year anniversary this year and more information about this will be available as the term continues.

It is great to see our students again, full of energy and ready to work hard!


Mary Dahlin, Principal.

From the Principal

In November

Dear Parents and Students,

November is upon us and we are between Halloween celebrations, and the end-of-term. Everyone is making the most of it by getting their heads down and working hard.

There were two Halloween parties recently, one for Years 4 and 5 and another for Years 6 to 9, with a fantastic turnout from parents and students alike. We have to thank the PTA who were very active in making sure that the party was a success and those parents who arranged activities. The spooky corridors are hard to beat!

We will shortly be advertising our Christmas Carol Concert to be held in the quadrangle (innergård) just before the term ends. We hope to see you there.

Best wishes,

Mary Dahlin, Principal