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Taco Night: A Wonderful Year 4 Event

Taco Night: A Wonderful Year 4 Event

Teaching does not need to be limited to textbooks and whiteboards. With our fun school activities for kids, learning in school becomes more interesting and enjoyable.

On Thursday October 11th, IESL invited all year 4 students and their guardians to a nice evening to say thank you to the students and the guardians for the good start  to the school year. This evening was designed to start a community with the newest students that are now apart of our school.

It was also an evening to engage the students in something new and to get everyone involved with school life. The year 4 students voted to have a Taco Night and invite their families to join them and the evening was fantastic.  We had tacos, we had a PTA lead competition, we had ice cream, we had a fun quiz with prizes and everyone there had a chance to meet the staff of IESL.

We are looking forward to having more special nights at IESL.  Keep your eyes open for the next event or meeting.

Above: The wonderfully tasty food prepared by the IESL Kitchen Team.

Above: Getting all the fixings for the tacos.

Above: Year 4 Students shows us all how to eat a taco.  Well done!

Above: Gourmet serving of a taco plate. 

Above: IESL Staff intoducing themselves and the food. 

Above: The PTA is always showing support.  Here is game the students got to play.  


Student Work

Agnes Hedlund Has The Power To Transform

Agnes Hedlund Has The Power To Transform

What happens when you take a few pieces of plywood, a lot of colorful paint and an incredibly talented artist? You transform a space, influnce a school community and brighten up a room.  This is exctly what happened at IES Linköping over Höstlov.

IES Linköping is fortunate enough to be sprinkled with talented students.  We have students that excel in academics and sports, but we also have a lot of incredible artist in our school. 

One of these inspiring artist is Agnes Hedlund in year 9.  She has created a colorful, powerful and capitivating mural in our Common Room.  Her inventivness has left the school feeling happier and stronger.

All of us at IES Linköping are thankful for Agnes Hedlund's hard work, skill and inspiration.  




Student Work

Skolval 2018 - A Way To Practice Democracy

Skolval 2018 

IES Linköping began the school year by studying Democracy and Elections in every year and in different subjects. The Social Studies department covered the area in all years - Beslutsfattande och politiska idéer. English department compared the ruling systems in UK, US and South Africa. Science department looked the political parties solutions for sustainability. Mathematic Department looked at the maths behind election procedures.  

Skolval 2018 (https://skolval2018.se/om/) is organised on national level and the project aims to teach students the democratic process and give them the opportunity to practise it. During the last election in 2014, around 500,000 students in years 7-9 and Gymnasiet participated.

Above: A box from Skolval with materials     

Below: Ms Andersson and Mr Jonsson, teachers in charge on Election morning     

IES Linköping gave our student the opportunity to be part of this. Groups of students worked during the day as Election Officials / Voting Clerks, supervised by the teacher in charge. Classes came to the polling station, the auditorium, to do the voting according the instructions made by Skolval 2018. As much as possible the process was the same as the real election.

Above: Khadijah Wali, Melker Kuzminski and Awo Mohamed Abdi are working as Voting Clerks.

Below: Timothy Grey, George Warda, Sreyansh Tiwari, Tilde Axelsson, Vera Hyllengren och Vera Kämpe - Voting Clerks posing for a picture

In the afternoon the Election Officials (students) counted the votes. The counting was public and interested students or staff members could come to auditorium and watch the procedure.

Above: A lot of counting in action     

Below: Mr Ståhl Engström is supervisor. Caisa Thor, Arian Akbari, Saga Soomro, Adam Nählinder and Daria Kuchinskaya did a great job as Election Officials.

The results of Skolval 2018 will be public online for three months. The results are divided into schools, regions and national level.



July 2018 Renovation at IES Linköping

Although it is the summer holiday the school is not closed and it is a productive place as we prepare for the 2018/2019 School Year. There is work being done to improve and freshen-up our building.

**We now have NEW, sparkling, white-tiled toilets throughout the school.  This particular update and renovation to the school is incredibly dramatic.  The school is already feeling like a brand new place. It is exciting to think of what the students' response will be to see such sparkling toilets.

*There are new benches outside for all of us to enjoy and the old benches have been repainted and cleaned up. 

*We now have fresh paint throughout the school.

There are a few other projects still going on, so please stay tunned for more picutres as we update and renovate IES Linköping for the 2018/2019 School Year. 

Enjoy the pictures!

Above: Toilet repairs throughout the school

Above: Finished toilet renovation on the 4th floor

Above: Finished toilet renovation on the 3rd floor in the Common Room

Above: New benches outside of IES Linköping

Above: More of the new benches

Above: Refreshed old benches

Above: Fresh paint in the locker rooms

From the Principal

July Updates From The Principal

Dear Parents and Students,

Although it is the summer holiday the school is not closed and is a hive of activity. There is work being done to improve and freshen-up our building. We now have new, sparkling, white-tiled toilets throughout the school.

We are working hard to prepare for the coming school year and have some vacant places in Year 7, if you are interested in these places please email our School Administrator:




You can also contact me, the Principal,  at mary.dahlin.linkoping@engelska.se  and 013 5603020

Yours sincerely,

Mary Dahlin, Principal IESL

Information inför skolstart 16 augusti 2018 / Information for the start of term 16 August 2018

Information inför skolstart 16 augusti 2018 / Information for the start of term 16 August 2018

Information inför skolstart 16 augusti 2018

Torsdag 16:e augusti

Eleverna samlas på framsidan av skolbyggnaden klassvis.

Nya elever kan se vilken klass de ska gå i på informationstavlor  som vi kommer sätta upp på skolans framsida.


Skoldagen är som följande :

År 4 och 5           08:15-13:00

År 6 och 7           09:00-13:15

År 8 och 9             09:30-13:15


Lunch kommer att serveras i skolmatsalen som vanligt.

För elever i år 4 och 5 som har ansökt om Afternoon club börjar den så snart skoldagen slutar och är öppen till klockan 17.00. Afternoon Club ligger på våning 2.


Information for the start of term 16 August 2018

Thursday 16 August

Students should gather at the front of the building in their classes.

New students can see which class they belong to on the notice boards which we will set up at the front of the school.


The school day is as follows:

Years 4 and 5            08.15 - 13.00

Years 6 and 7            09.00 - 13.15

Years 8 and 9            09.30 - 13.15


Lunch will be served in the school restaurant.

For students in years 4 and 5 who have applied for Afternoon Club it starts as soon as the school day is over and is open until 17.00. Afternoon Club is on floor two.

Singapore: Leaders in Education Visit IES Linköping

Three weeks ago, on a hot summer day, IES Linköping had the pleasure of hosting and speaking with eight educators from Singapore in cooperation with Linköping University. Our guests were visiting Sweden for two weeks because they are apart of the Leaders in Education Program (LEP).  It is a 6-month full-time program, which aims to prepare qualified vice principals and ministry officers in Singapore for principal-ship.

While they visited our school and spoke with our Principal, Ms. Dahlin, they had many questions.  They asked questions ranging from IES history and standards to Swedish laws to Swedish cultural questions and how IES faces different challenges.  The guests had a delicious fika and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

After several hours they returned to the university and prepared to depart back to Singapore the following day.  We were pleased to take part in such a program and look forward to participating in it again.



Students Jog for Charity

Our students rallied together on a cold October morning to take part in the national Skoljog event.  Excitement and enthusiasm was high as all classes from all year groups took their turn to run, jog or walk the course.  It was an excellent effort from everybody involved and the school were able to give a large donation to Barncancerfonden.  Medals were awarded for our fastest finishers:

Year 4 - 6

1. Olle 6d
2. Olle 6b
3. Filip 6a

1. Klara 6d
2. Tuva 5b
3. Amanda 5b

Year 7 - 9

1. Alexander 9b
2. Gustav 8c
3. Axel 8a

1. Felicia 7a
2. Dasher 7c
3. Izabelle 7b