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IES Linköping Öppet Hus

IES Linköping Öppet Hus

Kära vårdnadshavare 

Internationella Engelska Skolan Linköping. 

Vi vill gärna bjuda in er och ert barn till:   med rundvandring och information 

Under kvällen kommer vi berätta mer om skolan, ni får se våra lokaler och vår skolgård. Detta är ett tillfälle för er att höra vad vi erbjuder, ställa frågor samt få mer information om hur vår skolverksamhet fungerar. 

Datum: Torsdagen den 16 January 2020

Tid: 17.30-19.30

Plats: Internationella Engelska Skolan, Östgötagatan 12, Linköping

           Parkeringsplats finns i närmaste parkeringshus, Akilles


Kvällens program:

17.30 Kvällen startar

18.00 Information om vår verksamhet i aulan Tillfälle 1

18.45 Information om vår verksamhet i aulan Tillfälle 2


17.30-19.30 Fri rundvandring i skolan och Afternoon Tea serveras i matsalen

Anmälan och frågor via mail till:



Ange i ditt mail namn på deltagare samt eventuella allergier. 

Anmäl senast onsdagen den 14 january 2020


Varmt välkomna!

Mark McCarthy -Rektor

Gert Nylund - Skolsekreterare



Dear Parents and Guardians,

Internationella Engelska Skolan Linköping. 

We are excited to invite you and your child to our:

Open House with a tour of the school and information meeting.

During the course of the evening we will share with you more about our school, our buildings and outdoor areas. This is an opportunity for you to see what our school has to offer, ask questions and receive more information about how we work as a school. 


Date: Thursday the 16th January 2020

Time: 17.30-19.30

Location: Internationella Engelska Skolan, Östgötagatan 12, Linköping

The nearest public parking for this event is Akilles.



17.30 Evening starts 

18.00 Information about our school in the auditorium Session 1

18.45 Information about our school in the auditorium Session 2


17.30-19.30 Walk around the school and Afternoon Tea is served in the school restaurant

Questions and reply via mail to:


State in your mail name of the participants and if any person in your group has food allergies.


Reply no later than Tuesday the 14th January 2020



Mark McCarthy - Principal

Gert Nylund - School Secretary


Student Work

4C Recycled Goods Art Project/Ljusdesigner till Vinterljus

4C Recycled Goods Art Project/Ljusdesigner till Vinterljus

4C has spent time working on beautiful Winter Lamp Shades made out of all recycled goods from school and home.

Come and see these designs December 13-26th in the courtyard at Hemslöjden and Simons Rosteri and Bageri in Linköping.   


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More locations can be found on this website:



Student Work

 Team Rynkeby Skolloppet 

 Team Rynkeby Skolloppet 

Friday the 3rd of May our school participated in the Rynkeby school run! The route was 850 meters and the students ran as many laps within the given time of 20 minutes. For every lap completed by a student, the school will contribute money. The warm up was at the front of the school.

Here is a hightlight from Corren about our event and a reason why we did it: 

LINKÖPING: Sandro Aziz blev som 9-åring friskförklarad från den leukemi han fick när han var 1 år. Nu ska hans framtida klasskamrater springa ett lopp för barncancerfonden. "Han var alltid solstrålen på sjukhuset".

Tredje maj är det dags för "Team Rynkeby skolloppet" som arrangeras runt om i norden. Då ska Internationella engelska skolans 700 elever springa en årskurs i taget. Föräldrar och elever får själva välja om de vill bidra med pengar eller inte, och skolan bidrar också med en summa. Målet är att loppet ska bli ett återkommande evenemang för skolans elever.

– Barncancerfonden gör ett fantastiskt arbete med att ordna med aktiviteter för barn som har eller har haft cancer. Och för de som har mist sitt barn. De gör otroligt mycket, säger Martina Blom Bergman.’ - Jennifer Berg Eidebo av Corren 

‘The whole school runs for Sandro

LINKÖPING: As 9-year-old Sandro Aziz was declared well-off from the leukemia he received when he was 1 year old.  Now his future classmates will run a race for the children's cancer fund.  "He was always the sunbeam in the hospital".

The third of May is the time for the "Team Rynkeby school race" which is arranged around the Nordic countries.  Then the International English School's 700 students will run one year at a time.  Parents and students can choose for themselves whether they want to contribute money or not, and the school also contributes with a sum.  The goal is for the race to be a recurring event for school students.

 - The Children's Cancer Foundation does a fantastic job of arranging activities for children who have or have had cancer.  And for those who have lost their child.  They do a lot, says Martina Blom Bergman.’ - Jennifer Berg Eidebo of Corren 

#teamrynkebyskolloppet #barncancerfonden #fundraiser #run 

The following pictures are the students enjoying the run with Team Rynkeby.  The students are Years 4-9.

Team Rynkeby @trgmlinkoping helping out the school for children’s cancer: Göran Berlemo, Petter Mauritzson, Janne Andersson 


Student Work

Taco Night: A Wonderful Year 4 Event

Taco Night: A Wonderful Year 4 Event

Teaching does not need to be limited to textbooks and whiteboards. With our fun school activities for kids, learning in school becomes more interesting and enjoyable.

On Thursday October 11th, IESL invited all year 4 students and their guardians to a nice evening to say thank you to the students and the guardians for the good start  to the school year. This evening was designed to start a community with the newest students that are now apart of our school.

It was also an evening to engage the students in something new and to get everyone involved with school life. The year 4 students voted to have a Taco Night and invite their families to join them and the evening was fantastic.  We had tacos, we had a PTA lead competition, we had ice cream, we had a fun quiz with prizes and everyone there had a chance to meet the staff of IESL.

We are looking forward to having more special nights at IESL.  Keep your eyes open for the next event or meeting.

Above: The wonderfully tasty food prepared by the IESL Kitchen Team.

Above: Getting all the fixings for the tacos.

Above: Year 4 Students shows us all how to eat a taco.  Well done!

Above: Gourmet serving of a taco plate. 

Above: IESL Staff intoducing themselves and the food. 

Above: The PTA is always showing support.  Here is game the students got to play.  


Student Work

Agnes Hedlund Has The Power To Transform

Agnes Hedlund Has The Power To Transform

What happens when you take a few pieces of plywood, a lot of colorful paint and an incredibly talented artist? You transform a space, influnce a school community and brighten up a room.  This is exctly what happened at IES Linköping over Höstlov.

IES Linköping is fortunate enough to be sprinkled with talented students.  We have students that excel in academics and sports, but we also have a lot of incredible artist in our school. 

One of these inspiring artist is Agnes Hedlund in year 9.  She has created a colorful, powerful and capitivating mural in our Common Room.  Her inventivness has left the school feeling happier and stronger.

All of us at IES Linköping are thankful for Agnes Hedlund's hard work, skill and inspiration.  




Student Work

Skolval 2018 - A Way To Practice Democracy

Skolval 2018 

IES Linköping began the school year by studying Democracy and Elections in every year and in different subjects. The Social Studies department covered the area in all years - Beslutsfattande och politiska idéer. English department compared the ruling systems in UK, US and South Africa. Science department looked the political parties solutions for sustainability. Mathematic Department looked at the maths behind election procedures.  

Skolval 2018 (https://skolval2018.se/om/) is organised on national level and the project aims to teach students the democratic process and give them the opportunity to practise it. During the last election in 2014, around 500,000 students in years 7-9 and Gymnasiet participated.

Above: A box from Skolval with materials     

Below: Ms Andersson and Mr Jonsson, teachers in charge on Election morning     

IES Linköping gave our student the opportunity to be part of this. Groups of students worked during the day as Election Officials / Voting Clerks, supervised by the teacher in charge. Classes came to the polling station, the auditorium, to do the voting according the instructions made by Skolval 2018. As much as possible the process was the same as the real election.

Above: Khadijah Wali, Melker Kuzminski and Awo Mohamed Abdi are working as Voting Clerks.

Below: Timothy Grey, George Warda, Sreyansh Tiwari, Tilde Axelsson, Vera Hyllengren och Vera Kämpe - Voting Clerks posing for a picture

In the afternoon the Election Officials (students) counted the votes. The counting was public and interested students or staff members could come to auditorium and watch the procedure.

Above: A lot of counting in action     

Below: Mr Ståhl Engström is supervisor. Caisa Thor, Arian Akbari, Saga Soomro, Adam Nählinder and Daria Kuchinskaya did a great job as Election Officials.

The results of Skolval 2018 will be public online for three months. The results are divided into schools, regions and national level.