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Student Work

Skolval 2018 - A Way To Practice Democracy

Skolval 2018 

IES Linköping began the school year by studying Democracy and Elections in every year and in different subjects. The Social Studies department covered the area in all years - Beslutsfattande och politiska idéer. English department compared the ruling systems in UK, US and South Africa. Science department looked the political parties solutions for sustainability. Mathematic Department looked at the maths behind election procedures.  

Skolval 2018 (https://skolval2018.se/om/) is organised on national level and the project aims to teach students the democratic process and give them the opportunity to practise it. During the last election in 2014, around 500,000 students in years 7-9 and Gymnasiet participated.

Above: A box from Skolval with materials     

Below: Ms Andersson and Mr Jonsson, teachers in charge on Election morning     

IES Linköping gave our student the opportunity to be part of this. Groups of students worked during the day as Election Officials / Voting Clerks, supervised by the teacher in charge. Classes came to the polling station, the auditorium, to do the voting according the instructions made by Skolval 2018. As much as possible the process was the same as the real election.

Above: Khadijah Wali, Melker Kuzminski and Awo Mohamed Abdi are working as Voting Clerks.

Below: Timothy Grey, George Warda, Sreyansh Tiwari, Tilde Axelsson, Vera Hyllengren och Vera Kämpe - Voting Clerks posing for a picture

In the afternoon the Election Officials (students) counted the votes. The counting was public and interested students or staff members could come to auditorium and watch the procedure.

Above: A lot of counting in action     

Below: Mr Ståhl Engström is supervisor. Caisa Thor, Arian Akbari, Saga Soomro, Adam Nählinder and Daria Kuchinskaya did a great job as Election Officials.

The results of Skolval 2018 will be public online for three months. The results are divided into schools, regions and national level.



Student Work

The Big Challenge

IES Linköping has once again participated in The Big Challenge - a competition organized in Europe for students who do not have English as their native language.  This year our students in grades 5-9 had outstanding results.

Students participating in The Big Challenge studied grammar, understanding, geography, history and social science.  The students acquired knowledge of all the English-speaking countries.

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants!

IES Linköping Results:

Martina Karlsson 9B - 1st Nationally

Raya Al-Sammarraie 9B - 2nd Nationally

Saga Soomro 8B - 2nd Nationally, 1st Regionally (not picutred) 

Noel Johansson 7C - 1st Regionally, 4th Nationally

Elsa Ekbäck 6A - 1st Regionally, 5th Nationally

Esther Kurhengamuzimu 5A - 1st Regionally, 6th Nationally 

Martina Karlsson 

Raya Al-Sammarraie

Noel Johansson

Elsa Ekbäck 

Esther Kurhengamuzimu

Elsa Ekbäck, Raya Al-Sammarraie, Martina Karlsson, Noel Johansson

Winners from grade 6

Student Work

Harry Potter Week 2018

Harry Potter Week was a week where libraries around the world celebrate JK Rowling and her book series. This year the theme was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. We had a quiz and a colouring competition in the library for students to enter and win cinema tickets.

We held a movie night in the Aula on 1 February, where we showed the film of 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'. The students loved it. They were allowed to bring in snacks and spend an afternoon in Rowling's exciting world of wizards and magic.

We were inspired by Bloomsbury Publishers, who promote Harry Potter Week once a year. Since the books are so popular, we decided to let our students enjoy immersing themselves in her books.

It was a very successful week. We had many entries for the competitions, especially the younger years who were very excited to colour and get creative for the competition.

Student Work

Innovative Woodwork Designs

This Spring term, year 9 were given a project with the following brief; 'to research, design and create a container or shelf'.  This broad instruction gave the students free reign to flex their creativity.  The end product had to be practical and useful whilst showing an eye for artistic design.  Here are some examples of the finished products, which will indeed be put to good use in their new home.

Student Work

Classwork in Textiles

In textiles, students have been busy creating cushion covers, embroidery, envelopes and much, much more.  All with the help and expertise of our textiles teacher Ms. Isaksson.  Take a look below at some of the work from year 4, 5 and 7.

Year 7 Embroidery and cushion making
Year 7 Embroidery and cushion making
Year 5 Cushion Making
Year 5 Cushion Making
Year 4 Sewing envelope


Student Work

Year 9 Shakespeare Project

Students in year 9 have been studying the life and works of the great Bard, William Shakespeare. Their task was to gather information about the playwright and create an engaging poster or model for younger audiences. Here is a snapshot of the innovative, visual, tactile and informative work year 9 have produced.

Student Work

Student Choice Aesthetics


As part of Student Choice week, the aesthetics department created a variety of pieces to brighten up our school. In the library, we now have new cushion covers for our cosy seating. Embroided onto the cover reads 'There is no friend as loyal as a book'.


In other areas of the school, Mexican art is appearing.  These creations are traditionally made for Mexico's 'Day of the Dead' celebrations, they are said to represent a person's loved ones.

The art department also upcycled an enormous amount of old magazines to make collage portraits of local famous people.  Taking an entire week to finish them, these large masterpieces were created using only magazines. Students had to select small sections of the magazine, choosing various colours, sizes, light and shade to form the image.


In the music department sounds of the Student Choice Orchestra (SCO) could be heard. Students were challenged to learn three pieces of classical music in just five days.  The students' progress was so good, they performed Edvard Grieg's In the Hall of the Mountain King at Open House on Thursday evening.  Well done for the excellent effort!

All of this was accompanied by a delicious smell of homemade Fika from the Home Economics department.  An extremely fun and enjoyable week for all students involved.

Student Work

IESL Take a Stand Theme Day

Year 8 have been working hard to produce the 'IESL Take a Stand' theme day.  After weeks of planning and preparation, they delivered a series of lessons for our students in years 4 - 6.  The theme 'take a stand' raised awareness of anti-bullying in school.  Each class created engaging games, films and activities to reveal the problems bullying incurs.  Students placed a strong emphasis on the solutions and values needed to combat bullying within school and particularly on social media.  It was great to see our year 8 students show their confidence, creativity and leadership in producing this day.  An enjoyable day for all students and a lesson well learned in how to 'take a stand'.

If parents want to read more about this topic, Statens Medieråd has excellent resources, which can be found here.  The resources are in Swedish, English, Arabic, Somali, French and Persian.

Student Work

Creative Writing in French

Our year 9 students have been developing their creativity, imagination and literacy through writing short stories in French. The work below is a typical French love story filled with drama and romance. The authors are Rawan, Alexandra and Sebastian from 9E.

Vendredi le Treize

Il était cinq heures du matin, vendredi le 13, quand Nicole s’est reveillée. Elle a eu un rêve horrible dans lequel l'anniversaire de sa petite amie Stéphanie est devenu une catastrophe. Elle a essayé de tout oublier:

“Ca n’était qu’un rêve, cet anniversaire va être génial!".


Elle s’est douchée et brossée. Après ça, elle s’est maquillée et coiffée pour être très belle pour son week-end à Paris.


Elle a quitté son appartement avec ses valises emballées, et s’est promenée à la gare pour rencontrer Stéphanie. Quand elle est arrivée, Nicole a recue des fleurs et les deux amies se sont embrassées. Nicole rougit.

“Merci ma chéri, t’es vraiment sympa.”

Stéphanie se souris et a répondu:   

“Je suis tellement excitée pour ce soir, peux-tu t’imagines, nous allons voir Stromae en live!”

“C'est fou! Mais maintenant il faut que nous nous dépêcher pour nous rendrons au train en temps”.

“Oui, allons-y.”


Quand ils sont arrivés à la plate-forme, ils ont remarqué que le train est annulé. Nicole et Stéphanie se sont un peu ennuyées, mais elles ont décidé d’essayer de relour leurs billets pour se plaindre au sujet de leur train supprimé, on leur a dit qu’il n’y avait pas d’autres trains qui allaient Paris, ils ont décidé de prendre un taxi à l’hôtel.


Le trajet en taxi était long et coûteux, alors quand elles sont arrivées à l’hôtel elles se sont fatiguées et fâchées à propos de la situation.

Quand elles ont entrés à l’hôtel elles ont essayés de vérifier dans leur chambre , mais apparemment il y a eu un problème avec la réservation, donc l’hôtel a été surbooké. Donc elles se sont parlées à l’homme à la réception pour essayer de réserver une autre chambre, mais la seule chambre qui était vide, était une petite chambre minable dans le grenier. Comme ils ne sont nulle part où aller, et considérant qu'ils allaient être hors la plupart du temps ,ils ont décidé de prendre la petite chambre du grenier.

“Je sais que cette journée a été un tel gâchis, mais je me promets que ce soir sera fantastique”, Stephanie dit “ nous avons encore le concert.”

“Oui, tu as raison”, Nicole a répondu “mais nous allons juste faire une sieste et nous nous reposons pour un moment”.


Après elle s’est reposée dans sa chambre limitée, elles s’est habillée et elles ont quitté l’hôtel et se sont promenées au concert.


* * *

“Cet endroit est horrible, je ne peux pas voir la scène!” Stephanie s’est plaignée.

“Je sais, et combien de temps devons-nous attendre?” Je m’ennuie…” Nicole a répondu.

Après deux heures d’attente, il était annoncé que le concert avait été annulé, et elles ont retournées à l’hôtel.


Quand elles rentrées, elles sont désappointées, épuisées et elles se sont irritées. Elles ont décidée pour simplement s’est couchée, depuis c’est presque minuit quand elles ont obtenu une autre surprise. Quand Nicole ouvre la porte, Stéphanie a écriée:

“Oh non! Notre chambre est inondée!”

“Mon dieu, ma valise avec toutes mes affaires! Ils sont ruinés!”, Nicole dit.

“Oui, c’est ridicule, nous allons descendre au réception; nous obtenons une nouvelle chambre!”


Il etait une minute plus minuit, samedi le 14, quand elles ont descendu au réception.

“C’est inacceptable, aujourd’hui est notre anniversaire, est elle a été une catastrophe” Stéphanie a crié à la réceptionniste. “Premièrement, notre train était annulée, et nous avons payé une fortune pour un voyage de taxi. Après ça, nous avons reçu la pire chambre de l’hôtel, ensuite le concert avec Stromae était annulé, et maintenant, notre chambre est devenu un étang du canard!”

La réceptionniste avait l’air surpris, et il dit:

“Je suis très désolé madame, je vais vous réserver dans la suite exécutive avec une vue de la Seine et le tour d’Eiffel, et une nuit supplémentaire gratuite.

* * *

“Ceci est absolument incroyable”, dit Nicole, et regarde l’horizon avec un verre de champagne à la main.

“Je sais, pouvez vous vous imaginer combien cela aurait couté?” Stéphanie a répondu. “Je sais que ce jour a été pleine de surprises horribles, mais j’ai une dernière, et j’espère que c’est un bon. Stéphanie a agenouillée et dit:

“Nicole; veux-tu m'épouser?”